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These are the sites currently in our inventory. If you need any question, don't hesitate contact us.

  • $3,991.79 minimum potential monthly profit for this batch.
  • Easy to medium-competitive keywords
  • Our best batch to date! 
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    Tested by top SEOs and affiliate marketers.

Want to view all the website URLs? You can send a 10% refundable deposit. Once you buy a website, this amount will be deducted from your invoice. Contact us here for more info.


Men's Fashion


Potential Monthly Profit:


Sports & Fitness



Potential Monthly Profit:



Audio Products


Potential Monthly Profit:


Sports & Outdoors



Potential Monthly Profit:



Automobile Repair


Potential Monthly Profit:



Cellphone Accessories


Potential Monthly Profit:


Health & Household

First Aid 


Potential Monthly Profit:





Potential Monthly Profit:



Pet Supplies




Potential Monthly Profit:


outdoor recreation




Potential Monthly Profit:





Potential Monthly Profit:


We can turn your ideas into something just as awesome! Just let us know what you want!

Pets Niche


Men's Fashion




  • Now let's be honest here - while these rankings were achieved in a relatively short period of time with little link building, this doesn't mean you just have to buy a site and start earning! All we do is give you a headstart and help you start off with a solid foundation.
  • These sites skipped the sandbox so they started ranking as soon as we hand the sites over to them. Now THAT'S giving you a real headstart!
  • The screenshots you see above are only sneak peaks of what our clients are doing. You'll get an awesome case study soon from these clients.

Check Out What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

"these sites are great for both beginners and experts. Nothing but absolute value..."

If you're just getting started in the world of online marketing, you won't have to worry about choosing a domain name, finding products, keyword research, writing content (at least for a while), developing a website, or any of the dozens of other things you need to do before passing go.

If you're experienced, you can jump right into SEO and spend your time making small changes to the site for those extra clicks.

The process of reviewing, buying, and getting everything into our hands was so simple.

With everything that's included, it could easily cost you over $5k or weeks of your time to DIY. The site pays for itself as soon as it's yours.

I'm looking forward to ranking & banking with my new site, and then coming back to buy more! 🙂

JAROD SPIEWAK  // // Buyer from our 4th launch.


"Do yourself a favor and trust the power of Sumit's domains and the skill and professionalism of Yeshua's site building into a badass DFY service that they should be charging much more for."

"What can I say about my young hustlers Sumit & Yeshua. For one I've had Yeshua build almost all of my money sites for the past 18 months. In that time period I have several websites ranking on page 1 and earning serious affiliate cash from his content and On-Site prowess. 

Sumit has been selling me amazing auction domains that I use as money sites and PBN domains for the last year and the quality is impeccable. I literally have domains from him that I setup as PBN's and transitioned into money sites because they rank so well!

Do yourself a favor and trust the power of Sumit's domains and the skill and professionalism of Yeshua's site building into a badass DFY service that they should be charging much more for.

P.S. I always get 25-50k words of content for my sites! you should too.

Colby Wren //  Wren Digital

"Good service and worth the money..."

At first I was a little weary because of the price, but now I am convinced that its worth it. Firstly the transition was amazing, I was immediately asked to supply my registrar info as well as hosting and CDN info. Within 48 hours they had transferred the domain, uploaded the site, AND done a speed 
optimisation. Bringing the site to under 1 second load time. 

Once everything was setup, I got a beautiful report with all keyword research, which 
content is where, social media accounts AND a list of the products so i can easily replace 
the amazon links to mine. 

JONATHAN KIEKBUSCH// Managing Director,

You'll have a mini authority site in no time...

Sumit has shown me a number of his sites...they're amazing quality! Good content, good domains and well picked niches with good research - all you'd have to do is build out supporting content and link building campaign, wait for it to all age and you'll have a mini authority site money maker in no time.


Constantin Oesterling

Perfect content and persona...

I just got my hands on one of the offered sites. And I gotta say it's definitely worth it. Great domain, great looking site based on a Thrive theme, perfect content and persona and most importantly, the niche is well picked. Low competition, but enough monthly searches (consideration/buying stage) to be certain it'll make you money at one point unless you mess up big time. Looking forward to sharing my results with you in a couple of months.



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